"I dream my painting and I paint my dream." - van Gogh
"I dream my painting and I paint my dream." - van Gogh
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About me

I grew up above a shop. A daughter bred from music and sculpture, I’ve curved my way through life loving and living art.

After receiving my honours in Fine Arts at The University of Guelph I went on to study Digital Media Arts at Seneca College. The years following school, I worked as a Digital Media Artist and an Assistant Manager of Harbinger Art Gallery.

Finding the love of my life Jon, back where I grew up above the shop, I returned home to manage one of my parent's stores. Not long after, came marriage and our two beautiful children Ben and Marin. Since becoming a mom I have run my own business as a freelance Graphic Designer and started a business called Other Half Studio where I made wooden travel maps and graphic ski maps among other items.

Together we have built a life in the most beautiful rural village, Creemore in Ontario, Canada. It’s here that we have been inspired to live a simple life and spend time travelling the world bit by bit. In my early art school days, drawing, printmaking and sculptures were my main focus of study with a little bit of painting. A few years ago I started taking portrait painting classes and have developed a new passion for painting. My printmaking and graphic design experience have lent themselves well to this medium. I can't seem to put my paint brushes down!

So here I am, the artistic, entrepreneurial blood flowing through my veins, as I attempt to start a venture with some canvas and some paint. I'm very honoured to have received the Murray J. Clerkson Award 2019 for an Emerging Artist from the Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts.